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Smile Continued

I think this was where Nathan got his first bump from a fish

While we weren't catching any fish at this point it was obvious something was

Then finally success. You know when you are thrilled just to catch a war paint shiner something is a little off. But with over 2 hours of fishing and only having one bump the whole time, I was happy to catch it

A little while later after that I even caught the intended species I was here to fish for.

And then after only a few minutes more fishing, I actually thought I wouldn't be lying if I called it fishing.

Well we soon hit the point where the Little Horseshoe hits the trail again. At the end of a extremely long pool the water narrowed through a few small drops that had a feeding area where the fish were stacked up. I was amazed afetr Nathan missed a great one, then pulled out 3 more in the next couple of minutes. So I had to give it a go also. If only there were more holes like this one.

We then crawled up the steep slope to the trail

While the fishing wasn't good, it was a great day to be in the Smokies, and while mere mortals like me will never catch fish like Mr Knapp, I still am glad he got me out there
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