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Default 12/04: Trip 4 - Return to Thunderhead

Why spoil a good thing, right? Three consecutive days of Smoky Mountain Trout fishing in Dec, not getting skunked on any of them. What could be better?

How about FOUR consecutive days!?

SO like on Monday, I rushed through my work and got done around 1 pm. By 1:30 I was at the Tremont parking area which thanks to the cloudy weather and impending rain had cleared the place out. This time, I would venture further up than I did the day before.

On Monday night I tied up some dries with some materials I bought when we stopped in at LRO on Saturday after the Abrams adventure.

I had noticed on Sat/Sun/Mon that the fish would attack/slap my small para-adams, but I still wanted a dropper in-case I could entice some subsurface feeding, because I had been getting some infrequent fish on it over the past couple of trips. SOlution: make a neversink out of it! SO I tied about 6 or so size 14 neversinks with some adams grey foam and used that all day on Tues.

It worked pretty well I caught a decent (again for a dec trip with 45 deg. water) number of fish, all on the new dry.

Here's another one:

A view down into a plunge pool

Another resident:

Sadly, Today (Wed) and Tomorrow I am stuck working a full day. If the weather holds, I will be out there again on possibly Fri, and then again on Sat/Sun.
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