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Joetroutman, I agree with what you are saying. Being an Ohioan and lacking quality trout streams, I started to pursue rivers in Tennessee that I had read or heard about from the experiences of others. My first trip to larger waters took me to the Hiwassee approximately 15 years ago; I can remember that trip like it was yesterday as we pulled into the Hiwassee Corner Market to purchase our license. As we were getting out of our vehicle, two gentleman where exiting the store and they noticed the plates on the car. Seeing we were from Ohio, one of the guys asked if it was our first time to fish the Hiwassee and we responded that it was. Without hesitation, this man started to give us some great information on areas to fish and what patterns to use. He said he was having great success that day using a “Red Ass” which he pulled out his fly box and handed each of us (3) one of these fly’s that he had tied and then wished us luck. That act of kindness spoke volumes to me, I felt that it truly defined the meaning of “southern hospitality”. We had a great day on the river thanks to this man, (I wish I had got his name) I have returned to the Hiwassee countless times since that day on account of his kindness and the success we had that day. Additionally, I have paid that act of kindness forward many times over to others I have met while on or off the water and through forums such as this. I consider fly fishing a “brotherhood”, we are all out on the river not to just catch fish, but to enjoy and preserve the environment that God has so richly blessed us with. There have been weekdays when I have ventured to the Hiwassee, I am standing in the middle of a river that is crystal clear with the fog slowly lifting from the water, I can see fish rising, an otter swimming while an Eagle or an Osprey is flying overhead and no one else is around; can it get any better? Catching fish is just a bonus.
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