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Speaking of BWO, I bought a few standard BWOs (i.e., not the parachute variety) some time back. They are as pretty a fly as I have seen. Problem is, they are really tough to see in the water. I was up on Sams yesterday and deccided to try a dry tandem - had never done that before. I tied on a parachute BWO with a standard BWO about a foot behind on a "dropper". My own mini hatch. I found that I could track the progress with the parachute and most times could see the trailing standard since I knew where to look. Invariably, the strikes I got were on the standard and not on the parachute. Thought I would try it out on rainbows and so I cast a few just below the little falls at the base of Lynn Camp Prong at the bridge (yes, BELOW the no fishing sign). Quickly caught an 8" bow, again on the standard BWO and then one smaller before calling it quits for the day. Fun experiment.
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