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I drove down to Reliance Friday night, got up Saturday morning @ 8am, made some coffee and breakfast, filled my travel cup, jumped into car around 8:40 and headed over to the river. I was passing Big Bend about 8:55 saw one car parked there and did not see another up to Towee Shoals, so I turned around from that spot and parked downstream several hundred yards from the shoals where I decided to fish. I put my waders on and grabbed my gear, was about 9:10 when I started to wade out into the river. They were pulsing 1 generator from 7-8 AM, takes 1 hour for the water to reach the shoals so I knew at 9 it would start receding which it was doing. I started about 300 yards downstream of the shoals; I could see upstream past the shoals and well downstream and could not see another person on the water which was amazing. There was little surface activity, I saw a few caddis coming off the water, nothing chasing them, but I decided to tie on a size 16 caddis anyway and see if I could get something started. After about 20 or so casts and still not seeing any activity and no takers, I went to my nymph box and put on one of my favorite, a bead head flash back caddis on 6X tippet. I was casting up stream at a bias, mending it as it swung through the pool (no strike indicator) in front of me at on the second cast, got my first take, a healthy 11" rainbow. I stayed with that approach, caught one small rainbow and a chub so I started to moved up stream a little ways to another run I like to fish. As I got closer to the run, I noticed another fisherman about 100 yards above me working a streamer so I stopped where I was at and started fishing a nice run. A couple of casts into this run I had a bump that I missed, threw it back in the same spot and hooked and landed a nice 14" brown. I continued working this run for 30 mins, caught another small rainbow and then a nice 16" fish. I could now see a couple of other guys walking into the river downstream of me by a couple hundred yards. I noticed some surface activity starting, the fish were midging so I went to a griffiths gnat. I had one hook-up that I lost shortly into the battle and one other miss, then I heard the roar of the water coming through the shoals as they had the water back on so I started to pull back. I had promised the wife I would be back before noon to do some things around the cabin, so I thought this would be a great time to cut the morning short and hold up my end of the bargain so I could return a little later toward evening. If someone can guide me on how to post pictures, I will be glad to show the nice brown and rainbow I caught. Kinda new to this, not sure how to do it.
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