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Originally Posted by Rob Johnson View Post
Don Kirk, I have about gone broke buying your books. Impecunious as I am and not really wanting to wait until next year, can you just tell me if you know of the Yellowhammer being tied as a dry fly? Clipped palmered body and stiff hackle? Your help would be much appreciated. ROB
Just an amateur answer here. But when I first tried to tie the fly, I had no instruction, just went off what I saw. I forgot to lead wrap the body before the peacock hurl, and what I ended up with was a dry fly (well I first intended it to be a dropper, but it wouldn't sink) It had no other hackle, which contradicts what many more educated people seem to be saying, but that's my story, and I'm sticking to it

If you find Don's recipes, I'm pretty sure he had a dry recipe in that first or second installment of his online magazine
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