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In the Park I fish Slough Cree and the Firehole with it along with the Gibbon Meadows. On the Gibbon the long rod works so well. You can stand way back from the edge of the bank and target your fish with out them seeing you. I had a great day on it this past Sept.
On Slough in 2011 it was an awesome rod on the area at the CG. There is a section of pocket water and riffles that a western rod could not get to with ease. With the long rod I was able to float the fly right through the pocket or seam before the there was any drag. I caught trout after trout there.

For drys I use a furled line which I dress with 5X tippet. For s/h's and nymph's I use a level line of varying length. I prefer a size 4 tenkara line although for windy conditions I'll go to a 5. Now that is for the long rod and short.
On the short rod in tight conditions I'll use a size 3 line.

My line length on the furled is the length of the rod not including the tippet which is usually 3 ft.

Mono does not cast very well so all, or most, are flouro. Tippet is always mono. I use Frog Hair most of the time. Connected loop to loop.

There are some great write ups here,
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