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Originally Posted by cockeye valdez View Post
a cripple based on your description M.B. I was asking whether the wire is brassie wire, 77 answered that. I use a 102 Y hook when I tie cripples. I like that hook, and it floats with the gape in the water.
Another question, would you tie it without a tail. If you're objective is to drift with only the hackle above the film, seems like no tail would work.
I fished the clinch Saturday, the midge hatch was minimal and zebras worked sparingly. I have not mastered your pattern so I couldn't give it a try. I'll continue to work on it. Rainy days are perfect for tying, unless you're chained to a desk as I am.
Try your own variations and do not worry about getting it perfect. If you have an underwater camera; take a picture of it while it sits in the film. Do this after you have thrown it a few times to get an accurate presentation. Then; you can adjust the pattern from any obvious issues you see in the pictures.

Also; I like for this fly to be able to drag through the surface film with the gape underwater and the hackle and foam on top. Some of my variations have some bright fabric foam paint on top so that a I can see them better.

I do not fish this as a cast and drift fly. It works ok with that style. However; I like to force the issue by putting it in front of the fish and making them follow their predatory instinct before they can utilize any of their cognitive traits.
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