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Memories! As a kid in SW Mich, I remember my dad going to the local hardware when a new batch of "cane poles" came in. He'd spend a good part of morning very methodically selecting a number of poles for himself and his boys. He used his casting rod for Northerns, his cane pole for Bass soaking night crawlers or minnows for Bass and a fly rod which only came out in the spring for bedding Bluegills. I remember he would hook and land a 30+ inch Northern once or twice a summer on the cane pole. We paid 25cents each for each pole. His cane poles were just as off limits to my brother and I as the casting rod. I got to use the fly rod every once and then. I've cut some cane in my son's back wood lot for Crappie fishing this spring.

A camper outside of YNP last summer caught my interest in Tenkara and I wanted some feedback outside of "dedicated" tenkara users on the other forums.

Rog1 hope to bump into you above Elkmont this spring, I'm taking off a summer from Wyoming. So will be in GSMNP more. Randall
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