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Originally Posted by joetroutman View Post
I tied one of the midges up right before I went out today just to see how awesome it looks on the water. Unfortunately I did not see a ton of riser but fished with it for awhile but I could not seem to find a happy medium between it floating high and it sinking. When you fish it can you see the fly or are you strictly going on feel.
To clarify, this pattern needs a good (bug) hatch to be effective. Then; you need to fish it to a rise, or fast water, or close to the bank (structures).

If those conditions are not available; it is blind faith fishing at best.

I like to fish this pattern at sunrise and SUNSET with sunset being one of the best times. However; if you have a steady rise; throw it to them and work it.

The key is to get it to float and use slight bumps; it is a fine line to not immerse the fly. The best action is when you get a faint ripple around the fly.

Try changing to a larger hook, adding more foam, adding more hackle, etc. to keep it from sinking.

If you have a hard time seeing it; fish it closer and crouch down and use a stealthier approach.

I will try and shoot a video this weekend to help illustrate some of my ideas.

Be careful to not get locked in to one pattern. I meant to share this pattern to supplement a winter pattern collection for the Clinch River. I enjoy fishing dries/emergers and this pattern has always done me well.
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