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Originally Posted by flyred06 View Post
I know since the last time I put a photo on this about my desk alot has changed. my materials have grown along with knowledge on more fies to tie. If you desk has changed as much as mine post some newpics and if you have never shared then add your photos to the post. now is a great time to look at these and get new ideas while it is to cold to go fishing.
Wow Flyred...thats a man cave. I have more of a man "rock shelter"...will have to get those pictures on also. Great trophies you have on the walls...and a nice gun safe. I am mostly a birder with turkeys the biggest target. We are getting those hogs in southern Ohio. I bought a nice Nikon scope, but am still looking for a wood stocked 308 to put under it. Then perhaps I can add a hog to my wall. Thanks for encouraging us to keep this thread up.
"Your stature as a fly fisherman isn't determined by how big a trout you can catch, but by how small a trout you can catch without being disappointed, and, of course, without losing the faith that there's a bigger one in there." -John Gierach
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