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DK - I was actually being held hostage by the river for the last six months and it was terrible!!!! The fish were abusing and torturing me to no end... I luckily managed to escape but only here recently and that's why I have been MIA...

Originally Posted by Hoosier View Post
Where did you camp, ADK Log? I'm guessing some of the landscape picks were taken close to Rt 73, maybe on ADK Log road itself.
These pics were in fact taken in that very same area. If you were to turn onto ADK Loj Rd, off of Rt. 73, about three miles down there is a Rd. called South Meadows. This is one of the primary staging areas for expeditions into the high peaks, especially Mt. Marcy. Along the road are several designated, primitive and best of all free campsites, where all you have to do is pull in and set up your tent. Now, there are no restrooms at all and open fires are not allowed however, it does make a great basecamp for anyone who is fishing the WB area... Ohh... and sometimes you have to be OK with annoying neighbors. Just about every night around 4am, this pack of coyotes would all start talking to each other and wake me up... Now, when you hear them out in the woods is one thing but when they are close enough that you can hear them running through the woods outside your tent is another. You just have to realize that it is still mainly wilderness up there so keep that in mind...

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