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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
I see..I am sorry for jumping the gun. I know Mike very well and he is a heck of a guy.

You know my philosophy by now and that I try to promote and endorse sportsmanship, be an ambassador for our sport, and treat everyone with courtesy and respect. Life is too short to endorse and promote negativity.

Jim; hope you have a good holiday and a blessed new year. Maybe I will see you on the river next year.

No harm done, and past actions on my part could easily cause a misunderstanding.

My hats off to anyone on the water right now, they are certainly meaner than me. Glad 4x and Mike are having a great time, and at least have someone else to talk to during the frigid days of winter.

When I was younger, I can remember those cold lonely days at 61 bridge, and having someone nearby to interact with would have been welcomed.
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