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Hey Folks,

The Knucklehead was designed to float high and be easily seen in rough water. As you can see it has two strips of foam. It is more of a popper than a Stealth Bomber though the inspiration came from the SB. Originally designed for smallmouth bass in clear water, we don't give it much action. It basically just sits there or drifts in the current. This is a 3-Dimensional popper. Notice the eyes stick out from the body. The underside has lines and depth. The legs stick almost straight out. This fly is actually much easier and faster to make than a popper.

I tie and use Stealth Bombers too. But they may be fished differently. You can strip a SB and it will dive. This fly is not made to do that. I like both flies. I'll try to place the link to the tutorial below.

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