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Default Hiwassee On A Cold Day

Met with a great friend today. Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast, tied flies met with more great friends then drifted the Hiwassee. The sun was coming up with the moon fading.

The water was 49 degrees and the temp outside was 37. We saw no fellow fly fishers on the water today.

First fish on GKnat.

After many to hand the sun was getting high.

Many on a Wooly Bug.

Drifting in a Clacka Craft given to us by Dean was a pure joy today. 2 generators running. Dean, Thank You for a great Day!!

The sun was getting low and the temps as well. The rowing got to be very quick at this moment.

Jason, after many years without sticks in your hand you performed as a pro and Thank You for being a Great Guide and Best Friend!!

Great day with great friends on the close of a great year. Thank you J.J. and Dean.T


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