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Default Dr. Behnke says...

The 2013 winter edition of Trout has a letter from Robert Behnke saying that he disagrees with the research results. Trout has a one pager on the study and promises a detailed feature on the issue in the spring edition. Science is a process so let's see where this one goes. Hopefully they'll hit their spring target and we'll all get schooled up on this.

Behnke was long a contributor to Trout (the "About Trout" column), is a retired Biology professor and litterally wrote the book on trout, Trout and Salmon of North America (Free Press; First Edition edition, October 1, 2002). An absolutely amazing book.

If it were me I'd say those were Greenbacks I caught until Dr. Behnke says otherwise.

One thing noted in the TU piece is that an alternative to the (until recent) Greenbacks being Colorado cutthroats is that they could be a seperate and distinct lineage (subspecies GB?). That would be kind of an interesting path things could go down.

By the way, if you have not read the book referenced above it truly is worth the read. I "discovered" the book at the Chattanooga library and suffice to say this book is amazing. The artwork is incredible. The poor artist involved in doing the drawings had to go catch all those species and subspecies to use as models... bless him.

Happy New Year all,


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