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The day was off to a great start, but as I headed up the long meadow stretch of the stream it turned really shallow and there wasn’t much holding water. It was gorgeous and I spent a lot of my time just sitting on a rock and letting the scenery soak deep into my soul and that was something I needed more than even I had known.

I was just beginning to wonder how to fish these shallows when I began to notice shadows moving past me and making their way up river. Well as I began to pay more attention it became easy to see the flame orange shinning in the water and I could clearly see brookies making their way upstream to find their spawning grounds. They were on the move and but definitely weren’t on the redd yet, so it was game on. For the rest of the day, every time I caught site of them I could catch at least one as they migrated by, which translated to lots and lots of big, and I do mean big, brookies. Even by this streams standards.

Some of you will get this and others won’t, but after several delightful fun filled hours catching and releasing more big brookies than I had even thought possible … … it got to be just “catching” and not so much fishing. Which lead me to stop and take a long lunch break and to spend some more time just admiring the world around me. I think these next pictures do it justice.

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