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42 must be the magic number. I turn 42 in February. I always make new years resolutions and try to make them become reality. Self fulilling phophecy type of thing.

1. Spend more time hunting with my dad. He turned 70 this year and loves to turkey hunt and deer hunt with a muzzleloader. I hunt with him during every deer hunt I can, but I could find a way to get to Ohio to turkey hunt for a few days in the spring or fall.

2. Spend more time fishing the backcountry, solo. I love to spend my time fishing with friends, but my heart's into fishing solo. It's been 3 years since I've taken a solo trip and I really enjoy the time alone.

3. Catch something other than trout on a flyrod. I'm gonna try carp and smallmouth this year. Tons of oportunities around here.

4. Fish saltwater. With our already planned vacations, this may be a problem. I may have to just do a 3 day weekend and camp along the beach somewhere, but I will catch a saltwater fish on a fly this summer.

5. Look better naked. I already look pretty dang good for a 42 year old, but there's always room for improvement.
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