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Well, I am 59 and looking at turning what I consider becoming a true senior citizen. Hard to believe it, because my mind says I'm still 39!! Life's like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes!! So, I have a few resolutions that I hope to achieve this coming year:

1. get back in shape and lose 20lbs.
2. catch a trout that is above the slot .
3. fish the SOHO
4. get back out to WY. and fish in Star Valley again and fish in Yellowstone.
5. Fish all I can with my son , who lives in Raleigh. I want to see him land a big trout.
6. Fish more in the Park and do it with more success (everyone's desire).
7. do all the above and do more with my wife....(get her to start flyfishing)
8. Keep savoring the time I spend on the water and not take it too seriously. Enjoy God's creation and don't wish time away. Continue to enjoy the friendships that I've made with fellow flyfishermen. I've been truly blessed to meet so many helpful and considerate men.

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