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Default Sliding down the hill

Well, I have topped the crest and am sliding down the fast slick side of the hill at 54. However, I am still learning and enjoying life. One thing that I have learned at this ripe, no near rotten, old age is that we are really not in control. In fact, each year that passes it seems I have less control over my time and priorities seem to change. Each year I tend to be remorseful as I reflect on how little I have fished during the year and vow to fish more the next year. This year was no different, but I am more determined than ever.

Nevertheless, I have had a great life and have been so blessed with family, friends, and great fishing. I have fished in 17 states and the most famous rivers in the US. I have caught brown, rainbow, cutthroat, bull and brook trout as well as many species of warm water fish, and tarpon. Fly fishing for me has evolved from a mad rush to a calm, reflective, peaceful experience. I can't wait until my next time to get lost in the experience. So, my great hope for the new year is to get lost a lot. I hope you do as well!
Don Winningham

I don't live just to fish, but I want to fish just as long as I live.
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