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Thanks all for the compliments. In the 15 years I have fished on the Hiwassee, I have to say this outing was the best that I've had. Breck, would be nice to have an opportunity to meet you down on the Hiwassee. I will be returning the weekend of the 18th hopefully for more of the same action; If you are down there that weekend, we should plan on meeting. The Gubna, I follow you on the coloration, this was the first time I have caught any rainbows on the Hi with the deep red in them. On the 2nd day of fishing, I floated with Mark Scarborough of Southeastern Anglers and I happened to get into two more of these dark red fish while I was with him. Mark informed me that these dark red fish where raised at the Tellico Hatchery, not the Dale Hollow Hatchery where the fish normally are raised for the Hiwassee stockings. He told me that the tanks were under repair and for that reason; some of the fish that were stocked came from Tellico. If I remember correctly, Mark said the coloration was significant to the fact they were raised at the Tellico Hatchery along with the hypro food they were fed while at this particular hatchery. I will shoot Mark an e-mail to make sure I translated that correctly, If not I will amend my statement based on his response. I would also like to add that if any is looking to float the Hiwassee and does not have a means to do this, Mark Scarborough of Southeastern Anglers is an excellent person to contract. I hope soliciting for him is not against forum protocol, my sincere apologies if it is.
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