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flyman01 - " You got me out there today after those pics you posted."

David, "Fishers of Men" because of you I first posted.

Attended a Beginner fly tying class this weekend at LRO. Classy gig!! I truly appreciate

those who tie, like never before. To those of you out there who have posted pics of hat is off to you!!!!!!

I took this class with my only endeavor to, have a greater appreciation for the one aspect

of this sport that really hits the water and brings one to the hand.

Engineer, artist, etc., etc., I cant say enough. I will however believe, until I tie my


that they all come from the Great U.S. of A. and hopefully Walter Babb instead..........of

well you know.

I truly Thank everyone who posts here because it is the Best of the Best Forums in helping

and assisting those that are NEW. So, if you are new and have landed here, stay. This is


Happy New Year to all and may this be your Best Year Ever!!


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