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Originally Posted by Scott Spencer View Post
Sorry to bump and old thread but David, I was wondering if you might recommend a good 3 or 4 wt line to use in the park? I've recently acquired a 7'9" TFO finesse in 3 wt and will be spending a week is estes park just after July 4th.


Scott, I think you will enjoy RMNP. On light rods, I often recommend that people consider getting a double taper line since you normally won't be casting far. Personally I stick with SA and Rio lines with probably the majority of my lines being Rio. Also, consider the action of the rod when choosing a line. A lot of lines today are made a half size heavier. Since the finesse is a rod with a softer action, overlining is probably not the best idea. I would choose a true 3 weight line. If you're not sure if the line that you are considering is a true 3 weight or a half size heavier just check with the fly shop staff. Daniel at LRO can help you here...

Also, if you are interested in company on the water when you are out here, give me a holler when the time gets closer and if I'm around I'll see if I can join you and show you some of the water I fish for a day.
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