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Originally Posted by Scott Spencer View Post
I was wondering if you might recommend a good 3 or 4 wt line to use in the park? I've recently acquired a 7'9" TFO finesse in 3 wt and will be spending a week is estes park just after July 4th.
Great dry fly rod... although not much for battling the wind and or dry/dropper rigs.

I own the 4wt and 5wt with the 5 being my favorite of the shorter Finesse rods due to its versatility.

For strictly dry fly action, SA Mastery Trout in a 3wt hands down...
If you don't mind your line singing to you when you fish... the new SA Trout Stalker in a 3wt performs fairly well as an all purpose line. It will help with mends, wind, turnover and distance all a bit more than the Mastery series...

Tight Lines,
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