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Originally Posted by David Knapp View Post
Generally I feel the fishing is about the same as far as productivity goes if numbers are your only criteria. However, I will also say that there are lots more small streams to be discovered out here in CO that never get fished whereas in the Smokies, the majority of the accessible water is fished fairly hard. People out here tend to gravitate towards the big water of famous rivers and lakes so the small to medium stuff is often overlooked.
While I generally agree with DK here, I will say that out West is just plain trout country!! Sure the fishing in TN/VA/NC/GA is very good and in certain ways is very comparable but there are trout everywhere when it comes to a place like CO. Throw a fly in just about any river, stream, pond, lake, puddle, ditch and you will likely get a hit. Like David said, with so much water, it is also very easy to find places to fish with good numbers and size. Not to mention that brook trout are everywhere!! and are much larger than here in the Smokies. If you love catching brookies, you will love CO. I have really grown to enjoy fishing the park but I like the challenge of trying to find those quality fish here in the mountains. Out West, it isn't nearly as much of a challenge but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable...

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