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Originally Posted by NDuncan View Post

Both of the Sams brookies measured around 8.5" on Saturday. The one thing that really struck me when I caught the first one, was how disproportionate the jaw was with respect to the body length/girth. Very slender and skinny for the length, and head seemed way too big for the body.
The large head, small body is in fact a sign of not enough food in the system to go around... Sams now has an abundant population of brookies and with all the pressure it receives, they are getting educated. This may lead to less fish being caught and kept or caught and then die off after being released, although just a theory. It's not that big of a stream to begin with so there is a limited amount food available to all those fish. However, from everything that I have seen, I think the size of brookies on that stream is very good considering...

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