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I'm setting the bar low and putting 31-60 days. I know for a fact that I will fish 31 days, but more than 60 is alot when I still spend as much time hunting as I do.

I should draw a good antelope tag for the NW corner of Wyoming, around Cody, for this September. I plan on making it an extended trip and getting in as much fishing as possible. I also have a WV smallmouth float trip planned with some friends. I did this last year, but used hardware instead of a flyrod. It's flyrod only this year. I'm also contemplating a trip this spring to Florida. I haven't made up my mind where, but it will be somewhere in the panhandle area due to me probably going solo and I'll just make it a long weekend. I've never fly fished saltwater, but plan on giving it a shot. I'll also probably end up fishing in Georgia for a weekend on my annual pilgrimage as well as some more smallmouth fishing in North Carolina. Gonna be a busy year.
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