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Originally Posted by The Principal View Post
I followed your lead Whitefeather and signed up with the Little River Chapter.
Even though I live in Alabama I consider GSM as my home Trout waters. Lots
of Bass but very few Trout.

I know what you mean. I do too, although I don't get to fish it as much as I'd like. Like your state, Indiana has some nice bass. The lake I live on here used to. But the Indiana "flatlanders" have pretty much screwed that up, with all their lake shore beautification projects. No natural habitat left. But we still a have a feeder bayou that does and an eight pound bass or even a two pound blugill (bream) puts the warp in an eight foot flyrod that the smaller trout down south can't. But many times harder to catch IMO. I caught the trout bug many years ago and they are special and challenging in their own right. I've caught some nice browns down there in the park that are par with our bass as well as some big brookies who strayed from the reservation waters. And river fishing has always been my forte. Hope to get down there sometime this spring and visit my "home" waters again.

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