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Let's see... ??

January - Already been out on the Elk River and Caney Fork...
February - GA trout trip, Smokies, Elk River.
March - GA trout trip, Smokies, North River.
April - Spring steel trip in NY, Smokies, Elk River.
May - Flyfishing tournament in VA, Smokies, NY pike trip.
June - Smokies, Harpeth River.
July - Carp tournament, warmwater.
August - Smokies, warmwater, CO trip?
September - Smokies, possible Quebec trip for Atlantic salmon.
October - NY trip for salmon/steel, Caney Fork, Elk River.
November - Smokies, Elk River.
December - TWRA winter trout, Caney Fork.

Yeah, I fish a lot...
Put me down for at least 100 days, hopefully...

Tight Lines,
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