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Originally Posted by TFnut View Post
Hey guys,

I'm a Civil Engineer and without actually seeing it, I would say that this repair will likely have to be a bridge or a substantial amount of fill material with some sort of drainage system and geogrid reinforcement (like the abutments along highway overpasses) . The problem with a bridge is ensuring an adequate foundation, or the next slide will wipe out the bridge. If it is a rockslide, there will likely have to be some stabilization above the slide such as rock bolts or shotcrete to reduce the chance of further sliding or spalling. There is likely a slip surface that will have to be eradicated through blasting or some other stabilization before any construction can begin.

Looks like I'll be fishing on the NC side this Spring, unless they get some good weather and it's an easier fix than it appears. I wonder if the slide went far enough down the slope to affect the Oconaluftee?

I have seen the type of structuring you mentioned somewhere in the park, I believe along the road leading into Smokemont, now that you mention it. You don't notice it from the road, but from the river it's plain to see. But I don't know if it was original when the road was built or if it was a later repair. And the bank its on is nearly a sheer 40 foot drop, instead of a steep grade like the one in buzz's photo. Hope they get it right the first time. Can you imagine coming upon that damage in a car going 45 mph like most people drive on 441 in the straight stretches. Wo-o-oah Nelly! Reminds me of the foredeck of an aircraft carrier.

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