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Smile I ran the Tellico today

The Upper was still too big for me, so we ran the Middle. Big Water, my buddy (67) had a few good swims. Walked Crack in the rock, and even had to get out my throw rope and use it (tend to use once every 10 years). I realized after many throws my aim sucks and I need to practice throwing it.

Tons of boaters have been on Citico and I believe its all good as well as DoubleCamp, didn't drive up as far as North, but doubt there were any issues.

There were some new trees including a Spruce that had to be 90+ feet tall washed down the river, but nothing in play for us boaters. There were also some new rock falls from the river cresting to 11 feet, but no major slides or anything like that.

Really wanted to paddle the Smokies today. Road to Greenbrier was Closed. Couldn't get to Elkmont so that was out. Tremont rd was supposedly closed, and we even were going to do Upper Abrams, but Foothills Pkwy was closed making the shuttle over 2 hours one way

Glad we live close to so many options, and hopefully they will get more roads open by tomorrow
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