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While this is an interesting question to ponder, there can be so many variables that it would make it very hard to say what every 20" trout would weigh. The only accurate way is to use a calibrated scale. Now for a very close estimate on weight, find the length and girth formula for that particular species and plug in the values. As long as you are able to take accurate measurements, it will be fairly close to the scale weight of the fish but obviously not exact. I always want to see how long my fish are so I just tape them and could really care less about how much they weigh. I always recommend to carry a tailor's tape or some mini zinger option as a sure fire way to see if that trout is really 20"... Also, that way you can always measure and calculate the approximate weight on every fish you catch, if you so desire...

Just to give you an idea on size vs. weight, I caught a fat winter brown a couple seasons ago and that fish was 23.5" and taking the measurements, it calculated at close to 4.5lbs. If you are truly interested, it seems to me that the appropriate weight to "make the switch" is somewhere around 7-10lbs and up. The only fish in the past couple years that I have been interested in its weight, was my first steelie which I caught back in the fall. He weighed in at 11.99lbs on the scale... Now, earlier this year some lucky bait slinger landed a 24lb. brown on the Caney Fork and I didn't care to remember what the length was. So... I guess you have my answer on when I would consider looking at weight vs. length. In other words, when the fish get really big....

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