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Originally Posted by Scott Spencer View Post
Thanks for the tips and advice. My other rods have Rio line and I think I'll try to stay with that. If I can't then I'll go with the SA.
Scott, I wanted to jump back on here and mention that while Rio makes some popular fly lines, they are often not true to line weight. While the Rio Gold is actually advertised to be a half weight heavier, the other lines are also heavier just without being advertised as such...

The only reason I mention this is due to you having the TFO 3wt finesse. Again, they are soft rods and at times often benefit from being underlined. I am not trying to start a Rio vs. SA battle because Rio lines also fish extremely well but in the case of the finesse, I would recommend you give the 3wt Mastery Trout a try. It is a true 3wt line and will feel like heaven while tossing small dries to those hungry mountain trout...

Tight Lines,
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