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Originally Posted by David Knapp View Post
Good point. For some reason I thought the Rio Grand lines were true to the proper weight. Anyone know anything about that?
DK -
I confused my lines actually... sorry, I don't use Rio. I meant the Rio Grande is in fact the line that is advertised as a half weight heavier, like the SA GPX. The Rio Gold however is not advertised as being heavier but really it is as well. Even the Trout LT series is a bit heavier from what I understand. I like SA lines but it is just a personal preference. About like Canon vs. Nikon in the photography world, both are great camera systems and both have die hard fans...

That's why the SA Trout is a very nice true trout line for the weight listed. It is however more of a dry fly line so keep that in mind on your intended use. I will say that after fishing the troutstalker, I am going back to the mastery trout when it comes time to change out my line again. I recommend it for anyone who hasn't tried it yet...

It is just hard to find a true line weight these days without actually weighing the head yourself...

Tight Lines,
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