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Originally Posted by silvercreek View Post
I just go by length. It is just so much easier and no extra equipment is needed. Just get familiar with where certain features are on the fly rod such as the hook keeper or some decorative wrap and know the length from rod butt to that point. I have a white dot at twenty inches on my graphite rods. Just lay the fish next to the rod.
I've always gone by length as well, and just use various body parts as my measuring stick. (No, not that . Get your mind out of the gutter .)

Conveniently enough, the palm of my hand is 3.5" wide, 4+" with the thumb folded down; base of the palm to tip of my middle finger is 7"; with fingers fully spread it is 9" from the tip of my thumb to the tip of my little finger; and from the tip of my middle finger to the crook of my elbow is 16" with convenient 1" increments at the finger joints.

The reason I was curious is that in some of the books and magazines I've been reading lately the writers generally described their catch in terms of pounds (usually somewhere between 4 - 15 lbs) and I really had no feel for how big those fish were likely to be. Interestingly, most of the articles are talking about fishing in places other than the southeast. New England, Alaska, Argentina, the Rockies & Sierra Nevadas, etc. Of course, I guess if you're a writer, stories about 8" trout probably don't sell all that well, so I guess it makes some sense. Anyway, I was looking for a way to translate as a frame of reference, and you guys have been very helpful. Thanks.
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