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Originally Posted by David Knapp View Post
It DOES affect trout fishing and some pretty good fishing if you ask me. There are some BIG fish (and not just trout) in the dam pool. While it seems to be a done deal, I still think everyone should contact your TN representatives and senators to voice your displeasure. Bombarding the Nashville Corps of Engineers office wouldn't hurt either. This is ridiculous...
Sorry that I don't see this as them trying to take away fishing as much as someone trying to legislate safety that doesn't understand how real world works. I just don't see it as a deal breaker for fisherman. Yeah it's a restriction that sucks and makes no real impact on safety, but I also don't see it going away. Sure there are big fish up there, but there are big fish down under the interstate bridges too. If you want to call Nashvile and complain, go for it, I think the buffer is just silly. But my point is people thought the whole river was going to be shut down, and that's just not the case. And I understand the "one slice at a time" mentality, I just don't believe they get any benefit out of shutting down the fishing on the river, nor do I think that's their long term goal.


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