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The economy here is not horrible. We're hit hard like the rest of the country is but I can pretty well say here in the Northern part of the state (south of Cincinnati) we probably fared a little better on average than a lot of areas in the country. That's not to say we're in great shape, just not as shaky as some areas I've seen and traveled through.

The fact I have a job is what's held me back the past 2 summers from doing much fishing in the mountains. I've been working 50-70 hours a week. Last year, I didn't even get to use up all my vacation days and had to "donate" a couple back to the company. Taking time off in the past couple summers has been impossible.

Not sure about the Louisville area but according to family down that way, I'm hearing it is about like around here.

Lexington area has held up pretty well from what I can see.

Can't make any comment about the South East or Western regions of the state.

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