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Originally Posted by AL trout bum View Post
Is this your venture?
Uhhh... nope. Although my people came from Cocke County, I am not a moonshiner, nor do I play one on TV. But I must confess to having not missed a single episode of “Moonshiners” season 2. Hopefully some jobs have come from the venture, but with no harm to those who will cross the path of the excessive partakers of the stuff.

Originally Posted by jeffnles1 View Post
The fact I have a job is what's held me back the past 2 summers from doing much fishing in the mountains. I've been working 50-70 hours a week. Last year, I didn't even get to use up all my vacation days and had to "donate" a couple back to the company. Taking time off in the past couple summers has been impossible.
Jeff, thanks for the feedback on your area. You really hit on a key point that I have shared with others numerous times, but inexcusably failed to mention in my post above. I suspect there are a growing number of folks like you that have to work more than on job to make it these days, which cuts into leisure time. With the precious few hours available to be at home, most anglers will want to be with family instead of on a stream, which, in my opinion, is a well placed priority. Hang in there. I believe better days await us.

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