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Originally Posted by MBB View Post
Personally, I think the acid rain has had an negative effect on fertility of the Smokies streams and therefore the size of the trout. Warmer stream temperatures has also had a negative effect in my opinion.

Last year I read a report of the Kg/Ha per certain Park streams and was a bit surprised at the numbers. I believe Deep Creek only averaged 25 or so and that is very ordinary and average in the Southeast. It is nothing like the "gem" status it used to acclaim in the 1980s and prior.
I would think that is true based on data I've seen on the GSMNP website concerning the freestone streams but I'm only a layman on the subject. More acid, less bugs, smaller fish or at least more smaller fish vs fewer larger fish.

Anywho, is there any way this acid rain influence can be balanced out and perhaps even made to swing a little the other way, like a limestone stream? Probably a dumb question but I was just wondering. I know every time "man" tries to overcome something in nature, he usually misjudges and nature usually suffers something else, but ...just asking.

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