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Default Joe-Absolutely

I never cease to be amazed at the love so many people have for the Smokies and for fishing the waters there. I had about a half dozen people talk to me about your new maps. They marveled at the detail and thoroughness of them. For the folks in Kentucky and nearby the Smokies are still closer than Montana, Alaska and about anywhere else. There were a lot of guide services there from the Great Lakes. Apparently fishing the “flats” on the Great Lakes is regarded as great fun these days. Couple of carp guide there too from Indiana—hi ho a carpin’ we go.

Joe, next stop for us is show in Winston-Salem, then the Wine & Fly thingie in northern Va. A week or two after that is new Whine and Fly thingie at Bristol (they tell me in the middle of the race course), then the FFF thing over in Cullohowee, NC. Too busy to make the Sowbug Fester over in Arkansas (booked to talk to some group in Lynchburg who I hope are on a friendly basis with the distillery there). I suspect we will see each other soon—looking forward to seeing how we can help each other.
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