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Oh my; great question and now you make me feel really old... At age ten I recieved a fenwick flyrod at Christmas and bought an Eric Leiser fly tying kit a couple months later at the Philadelphia Sportsman's show.

The kit had a small booklet with directions to tie basic wet and dry flies, a selection of feathers, hooks and scrappieces of fur left from garment making.... back then "dubbin" was cut off the hide and did not come in little bags. I still have materials from this kit.... about the "only" synthetic used back then was some carded floss.

I had a copy of AJ Mc Clane's "Fishing Encyclopedia" that had color plates of a zillion flies with the recipes and a great many pages dedicated to fly tying.

I did not know a single soul who fly fished or tied flies... that was 44 years ago... OUCH!

Boy have things changed
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