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Default River vs Lake

Is there a generally accepted spot below Norris Dam where the Clinch River quits being called a river and becomes Melton Hill Lake? I know it's considered Melton Hill up beyond Oak Ridge Marina where the rowing regattas are held, and I think it's still Melton Hill further upstream toward Clinton (muskie fishing area?), but where does it become the Clinch River again? Hwy 25E bridge at Clinton? Hwy 61 bridge below the church? Somewhere else?

I would say Watts Bar Lake ends (for all practical purposes) above the Kingston Steam Plant at the confluence of the Clinch and Emory Rivers, but what about on the Tennessee River Side. I think it's still considered Watts Bar Lake upstream to at least Whitestone Inn, maybe even Dogwood Shores, but does it extend upstream past I-40 to Loudon?

Speaking of the Tennessee River, it is officially formed at the confluence of the Holston and French Broad, but how far does it flow as a river before becoming Fort Loudoun Lake. I believe Fort Loudoun Lake extends at least as far as Neyland Stadium, but how much farther upstream does it go?

What about the various stretches of the South Holston or the Little Tennessee? Is there an official cutoff point for any of these designations, or is it just a matter of personal opinion?
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