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David, here are two accounts from my bother Al's (aka ˆfrog) web site, about past acquaintences from your new neck of the woods. Let us know when (with you it's not not if) you catch some of their lineage.
The Del Rio Kid:
This beautiful 19" cutthroat or "cutbow" trout - not sure which - that I hooked in this bend of the Delores River near Del Rio in southwestern Colorado. It was one of those perfect holes where you always expect to hook a big trout but never do - except on this ocassion. I drifted a Grey Ghost streamer under the log and he nailed it! We fought to a draw on that beautiful day in October, 1994. I took his pic, revived him and let him go. I hope he is still under that log in the bend of the river.

The Frying Pan 'Raiders':
The football shaped 20" brown trout just below the Rudei Resovoir on the Frying Pan River near Vail, Colorado. We 'scrimmaged' for several hours one morning in October, 1994. Raiders 20 ^frog 6. Best loss I ever had.
Al would want me to aplolgize on his behalf for his site being out of date, but my tech savy, 70ish mentor is now into Facebook
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