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I have used a variety of strike indicators over the years each having pro's and con's. But when it comes to using small nymph patterns, there is one that I like that and in my opinion is heads above the rest. Years ago, I met a guy (Barry Dombro) while fishing the Clinch. While making a trip back to the Clinch early last year, just happened to run into him again. He told me about a strike indicator that he was patenting and proceeded to show it too me. I have to admit, the approach is simple to use, quick to set up and adjust and most importantly, very effective. Barry mailed a couple to me, I have used it ever since and it is reusable. I showed this strike indicator to the fly shops down on the Hiwassee, both now carry this in their stores. You can see this along with a demonstration at It well worth the time and money to check this out and purchase for yourself. If you do, tell Barry that Doug referred you and said hello!
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