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NDuncan, thanks for the kind words and suggestion. This morning I started delving into geospatial PDFs, but I promptly hit a fiscal snag: Avenza's MAPublisher® for Adobe Illustrator is mighty pricey ( I am still researching, but in order to retain the richness of our maps (enchanced streams, trails, crossings, etc.) I would probably need that type software. I will look to see if there is a no-frills shareware alternative to MAPublisher® available. If not, there may be an outfit I could outsouce the geospatial PDF conversion work to. In the absence of that, then the best I might be able to produce (without a NPS grant ), would be something by employing the basic USGS 7.5 Minute Quad TIFFs from a source such as, or GeoPDFs of the quads from In that case others on the message board could most likely master that approach. I would be happy to assist in such.

Any suggestions from anyone will be most welcome. Regardless of what comes of this, it will be tough improving on flyman’s awesome ‘mApp’ (see Post #6 in a related thread by Hoosier

Back to it. – JF
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