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You don't need a gps to save it. Just save the file in Google Earth after you calibrate it and it will be a .kmz file.

As for GPS, I love the Garmin Etrex. If you need a bigger screen and want to spend more money, or have to have a touch screen, then by all means go with a fancy one. Since I lost my old etrex in the West Prong last year, I got the new Etrex 20. Has the shaded relief, and gets the russian satellites to boot. Just make sure you get one that allows to to add a micro sd card. Also I don't think the money spent for the altimeter is ever worth it. You constantly have to re-calibrate it, and the topo lines on the map are usually more accurate.

Send me or post a few of what you make, and we can try it out even if you can't YET
For some reason I have a calibration problem
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