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When apex predators are faced with an over abundance if prey, occasionally they will eat just the 'choice parts' and leave the rest. Oddly if you up the story on the daily mail, you can see a picture if the 'pond' in question, nothing more than a fancified kiddy pool full of koi. Dog food fed fish. In the wild, facing harsher conditions, I doubt an otter can wreak this kind of havoc. Usually the evidence of otter predation of fish consists of finding scales in their scat, consistent with whole prey consumption rather than just killing for choice pieces of meat. It is a little bit reckless to jump to the conclusion that this example is representative of the main modes of otter predation. It's kinda like the fat people at cicis pizza. Do they bother eating the crusts? No! Why? Because no matter what there is plenty and never ending supply of cheese covered morsels. Well give an otter an all you can eat with no effort buffet and they will eat the best parts (to them, anyhow) and leave a big pile of 'crusts' to waste.
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