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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post

I am also gonna tie up some flat wing sulphur spinners sorta like Shawn's but use Zelon for the flat wing and install a "wing case or bubble over the top of grey foam... these will CHUGGED in the eddy water, pools and side water... Shawn induces insane strikes with this method in the early morning.

Excellent Richard! I was getting some great dry fly action before the high-water period started. I like the spinner pattern with poly wings to imitate just about any dry fly. After it is tied; I flick a permanent marker (brown) through the poly to give it a variegated effect.

I like this style of dry because it helps the fly sit correctly in the water most of the time. Also; it is robust to dynamic fishing tactics.

They float great and it is amazing how quick a fish will hit when the fly lands.
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