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Okay; so Shawn and me were fishing the Clinch early morning at about the time of the sulphur hatch and I'm doing well with a QUASI under an indicator and he is lobbing out his flat wing spinner into any slow pool, side eddy or other fairly still water and twiching it to induce a very reactive and violent strike.

It was totally ridiculous how well his technique worked and he was "calling his shots" as in... "watch this" he would cast, chug a couple times and then "see, fish on!"

There was no doubt a spinner fall through the night with fish attracted to dying spinners that naturally twitched about on the surface; though I saw no twitching spinners at the time it was obvious the fish had been feeding on them and saw Shawn's bug as a late arrival to the buffet.

This Spring we will need to capture it on video! To me it seemed more like a small mouth bass tactic. I've caught bunches of trout on spinner imitations but always fished them as motionless as possible; after all they are SUPPOSED to be dead.
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