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Originally Posted by Stana Claus View Post
Speaking of the Tennessee River, it is officially formed at the confluence of the Holston and French Broad, but how far does it flow as a river before becoming Fort Loudoun Lake. I believe Fort Loudoun Lake extends at least as far as Neyland Stadium, but how much farther upstream does it go?

What about the various stretches of the South Holston or the Little Tennessee? Is there an official cutoff point for any of these designations, or is it just a matter of personal opinion?
Interesting question, Stana.
  • Below is how TVA showed the extent of Fort Loudoun Lake on a piece of the Shooks Gap quadrangle.
  • I believe South Holston as a river is only that in VA as the headwaters of S. Holston Lake and for a short stretch as the tailwater of Fort Patrick Henry lake to its confluence with North Fork Holston River at Kingsport forming the Holston River. Boone Lake lies in between the other two impoundments.
  • I traced on maps the Little Tennessee all the way from Tellico Dam, which flows empties directly into the Tennessee River all the way into the Nantahala Forest in NC before it shows as a free flowing stream near the community of Needmore. That area is shown on the Wesser quadrangle.
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